All the Break-A-Leg Content you could ask for!

by Tidwell Productions - August 5, 2020
A brief aggregate of Break-A-Leg content!

History and Evolution of Break-A-Leg

by Tidwell Productions - July 22, 2020
The progression of Break-A-Leg's mechanics, starting with an idea...

Artwork Development

by Jody Tidwell - July 19, 2020
Process and details of Break-A-Leg's hand and computer rendered artwork

How to play Break-A-Leg

by Tidwell Productions - July 16, 2020
Learn how to play Break-A-Leg

3D Printed Game Components

by Jody Tidwell - July 15, 2020
Our design process for 3D printed game components.

Break-A-Leg Strategy

by David Tidwell - July 12, 2020
High Level Strategy for playing Break-A-Leg

Balancing Academics and Fun

by David Tidwell - July 8, 2020
Crafting an experience that balances learning and entertainment.

Break-A-Leg Launches on Kickstarter!

by Tidwell Productions - July 7, 2020
Support us on Kickstarter.

Gaming in the Classrom

by Jody Tidwell - July 5, 2020
Alternative teaching methods to the standard lecture series.

Tidwell Productions LLC supports Black Lives Matter

by David Tidwell - June 20, 2020
We at Tidwell Productions stand against racial injustice and police brutality.

TheLightingController Node.js Client

by Aaron Tidwell - April 9, 2017
TheLightingControllerClient is a library for node.js that enables writing software to talk to TheLightingController products (ShowXpress, QuickDmx, and SweetLight). It can be used for creating mobile, desktop, and web applications.

General Strategy for Card Drafting Games

by Aaron Tidwell - August 13, 2016
If you are new to the genre, or are sitting down to play a new game for the first time, there are a number of high level strategies that can be applied to drafting games. You might be familiar with variations or game-specific versions of these concepts, and some games change the way these mechanics operate or can be evaluated.