Tidwell Productions

Gaming, The Arts, and Education are the heart and soul of modern escapism. The realization that all these diverse entities have the common element of human interaction combined with fantasy and storytelling led us to create Tidwell Productions. We create worlds on the theatrical stage, games for your living room, and educational products to enhance these experiences.


Gaming has always been an integral part of the Arts, and is widely becoming utilized in classrooms throughout the world. At Tidwell Productions, we have been lifelong tabletop and digital games enthusiasts and want to bring the kind of experiences we love to a wider audience. There are also a number of great games that we enjoy, and we strive to create products that enhance and educate players of all experience levels.

The Arts

Live Theater, one of the earliest forms of human interaction, is reflective of an artist's vision and the beliefs of society regardless of time or location. In the modern age, creating a theatrical world requires the controlled integration of art, technology, and creativity to create an environment that supports a playwright's ideas or theme. Tidwell Productions is dedicated to utilizing and integrating current techniques and technology to assist the viewer in understanding and engaging the story being presented.


As educators we commit to finding a commonality with our students to present information, theory, and ideas. We value originality and encourage thinking that is outside the box. We know that to learn through repetition and hands-on experiences is easier to retain knowledge beyond the classroom. Our products and services enable entertaining and interactive education influencing the lives of our clients.

Press Kit

Tidwell Productions Press Kit