Updates and Press

Hey All, we wanted to provide a brief aggregate post, with links to all the different information, videos, and press articles we’ve been working on during Break-A-Leg’s kickstarter. You may have missed some of these, we’d love it if you check them out!

Backer Updates on Kickstarter
Break-A-Leg in the Classroom
Basic Rules and a Bit of Strategy
3-D Printing Components
Card Artwork Evolution
Printing and Manufacturing for Break-A-Leg

History and Evolution of Break-A-Leg
How to Play Break-A-Leg
Balancing Academics and Fun

Everything Board Games Interview & Podcast
Everything BoardGames Spotlight

Break a Leg. The Theatrical Card Drafting Game.

Break a Leg is the new fast-paced card drafting game from Tidwell Productions. Take on the role of a theatrical producer and hire the best cast, creative, and crew, and foil the plans of your opposing producers! Buy Now on the Tidwell Productions Shop!